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Villa Eden Longevity Center: Your secret to a long and happy life

Welcome to your Wellness oasis in the heart of Merano.

Who has never wanted to forget every- day life for once and take some time just for themselves? "Today I will think of myself" – is the motto of Villa Eden. Taking care of your health and not having to think about anything except your own wellbeing. Villa Eden has created a place where you can do just that! An exclusive oasis of relaxation, a retreat to say goodbye to the stress of everyday life for a short period of time.


Health and well-being for every guest: this is the goal that your host Angelika Schmid and her team set for themselves every day with an holistic approach that combines preventive medicine, cutting-edge technology and natural therapies.

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Good health is your choice and our philosophy. Experience the true state of well-being and improve your quality of life in an ambience of class and great charm.

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Villa Eden is more than a great holiday. It is an experience which can influence the quality of life. Villa Eden is the ideal place to relax, to feel better, to feel happy about yourself and to discover your own potential for a healthier, happier and richer life.

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The short and weekly special programs of Villa Eden will help you make a real quantum leap in your lifestyle thanks to the personalized check-up, professional treatments, a balanced diet and physical activity. Our expert team of doctors and therapists will accompany you day by day on the path to combat stress, to reactivate your metabolism, to help you regain a perfect silhouette in a healthy and natural way. In this way, you can reach the awareness that "loving yourself" helps to keep you young inside and out.


More vitality, in shape and with more...

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Weight loss days

Our tailor-made program for weight loss...

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Anti-Cellulite days

An orange peel effect on the skin,...

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At Villa Eden, a medical spa of the highest level awaits you. It has already received numerous awards, triumphing at the Italian Spa Awards in 2015. Our highly competent and professional team are at your service to lead you towards vibrant health. With the combination of innovative treatments, a healthy and balanced diet and targeted physical activity, you can achieve important results and acquire healthy habits that you can carry over to your daily life.

Celebrity skin with P.R.P.

Naturally luminous and uniform skin like...

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Micro injections of hyaluronic acid to...

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Villa Eden presents two exclusive product lines, an innovative approach to take care of yourself and your well-being. Our advanced cosmeceutical products will offer you timeless beauty and our dietary supplements have shown proven results.


Neutraceuticals are an effective aid to counter nutritional deficiencies and to offer new vitality to the organism.

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The cosmeceutical products of Villa Eden are designed to moisturize, tone and nourish the skin, preventing the appearance of signs of aging and blemishes.

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We will also surprise you with unique events, such as our traditional festival of mid-August, which starts with an aperitif in the enchanting centuries-old park followed by a magnificent gala dinner in an elegant atmosphere, enhanced by live music.

Loyalty reward

We wish to thank all of you who...

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One Night for Free

We offer you one extra night free!

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During your stay at Villa Eden you can take part in a full program of physical activity. You can participate in a healthy session of muscle toning every morning, surrounded by the quiet of the park, while in the afternoon we propose yoga classes and water aerobics. If you prefer to stay in shape with weight training, we offer our fully equipped gym so you can work out with a qualified personal trainer. Hiking, biking and golf also awaits you, to practice in the midst of the unique beauty of nature.


Spend relaxing holidays in our Retreat practicing the techniques of meditation.

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In the fabulous scenery of Merano and surroundings, a round of golf is truly a unique experience.

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You can go on pleasant hikes with our Irmi during your stay at Villa Eden while admiring the beauty of Merano and its surroundings all year long.

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