Villa Eden is the ideal place where, not only women, but even men, can dedicate themselves to the search of a mental, physical and spiritual balance.

Thanks to specific detoxifying, slimming and anti-aging programs, the male guests can find the answer aimed at their own needs for beauty, health and psycho-physical wellness.

We wish to further underline, the presence of anti-stress and relaxation programs, particularly indicated for managers and for all business men.


Villa Eden proposes several types of treatments aimed at the specific needs of the female guests: body treatments, which give greater tonality and luminosity to the skin, and facial treatments, highly innovative and professional, which give facial skin, greater hydration and brightness.

Particular attention is reserved furthermore, to cellulite and localised adiposity, battled by means of a synergy between correct alimentation, aesthetic treatments and targeted physical activity.


Over the last years, more and more often, you hear talk of overweight and even obesity during the adolescent stage. Amongst the many causes is an alimentation characterised by an excessive intake of calories caused by the substitution of the main meal with sandwiches or snacks, reduced physical activity with a preference towards games and sedentary recreational activity, factors both familiar and genetic.
Given that at Villa Eden health has always been considered a precious gift to be preserved and looked after, in collaboration with our team of medical staff, we have elaborated programs ad hoc for adolescents aged between 12 and 19 years of age, and thanks to these they can adopt healthy lifestyle habits to maintain a good state of health. Naturally there are also included moments for enjoyment to be shared with parents or friends.