Our exclusive Health Spa in Merano

Since 1982, the mission of our Health Spa in Merano is to help each guest find greater pleasure in living life, with the aim of improving its quality. This is what differentiates us from any other spa. This is the philosophy of Villa Eden and we're proud of what we stand for!

Our deepest intention is to create a reality that allows you to actually put together what you know, what you should or would like to do, and your daily activities. In our Health Spa you will be "educated" in order to reap all the benefits of truly effective treatments, non-stressful physical activity, a healthy and tasty cuisine and the pleasure of learning the secrets to restoring your mental and physical balance. All this puts you in a position to acquire healthy living habits, so you can continue to benefit from them once you’re back home and never lose them again.

Of one thing you can be certain: in our Health Spa in Merano we give our best effort in everything we do, to entice you with the magic of a vibrant health. 

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