High level of expertise and professionalism at the service of guests

For over 30 years, Villa Eden has been specialized in the treatment of many diseases such as excess weight, stress and various other ailments. Our goal is to offer a new quality of life for each guest through personalized programs designed specially by a qualified team of doctors and therapists. A stay in our Health Spa in Merano allows you to embark on a path to a state of well-being.

Weight Loss

A balanced body and a healthy way of life rarely coincide with weight problems. The attainment of the ideal weight is only possible through good eating habits, exercise, discipline, dedication and knowledge of what your body, and only your body, requires.

When weight loss is difficult, or not enough compared to the sacrifice that diet implies, usually the problem is an organ of the body which has a lower or inadequate functionality. Through the biothermic treatment, we perform an endogenous thermotherapy to restore the proper functioning of the organ metabolism. In addition, we use a versatile metabolic monitoring called Body Media Monitor System, a metabolic holter that allows you to record and analyze accurate energy expenditure, physical activity and lifestyle in "free living" conditions, that is to say during normal daily life. This system is clinically validated and continuously monitors a number of physiological data.

To combat weight problems, our Leading Health Resort also makes use of bioenergetic therapy, which contributes to the process of detoxification through the daily use of two different devices: the EAV (Voll electro-acupuncture), used to stimulate areas of energy imbalance in a personalized way, and Hartur One (sequential manual lymphatic drainage), which helps to solve problems of both medical and aesthetic nature, reactivating the blood and lymphatic flow.

The drainage massage and algae therapy are ultimately more useful treatments to stimulate the detoxification process and weight loss.


The harmonious balance between body and soul is a prerequisite for health. Stress is the disruption of this balance and the response of the mind and body to internal or external pressures that can come up in certain situations. With the help of relaxation exercises, targeted treatments and with the support of our doctors, we look for the factors that produce stress, identifying the best strategy to combat it.

Villa Eden uses highly professional techniques to combat stress, among which the most important is the stimulation of the Chakra points of the body. The human body is composed of 75% water and is composed of electromagnetic energy fields. These fields constitute what is called the subtle body or etheric body. The chakras are essentially areas where these fields are concentrated to perform specific functions in certain parts of the body: anatomically, they correspond to the nerve plexus which many Asian cultures associate not only physiological functions but also mental and emotional functions. Stimulating the chakras, it is possible to take action on the psycho-physical balance of an individual because, in addition to giving a sense of mental wellness, chakras are involved in our bodily functions. So, through the proper balance of the chakras in the body we can establish an energy flow in perfect harmony with the individual; the flow, in turn, will establish a period of well-being that will involve all the physical and mental functions of the body.

Reflexology, which aims to rebalance the body by stimulating its self-healing capabilities; shiatsu, the ideal practice to correct internal dysfunctions, improve and maintain health and to treat specific diseases; the anti-stress massage and meditation: these all help us to find your own natural balance and our mental and physical well-being.


Detox seems like a complicated word, but it's just the foundation on which to build vibrant health. To prepare for the treatments, you need to rid your body of toxins, excess acidity and waste. Once this "cleansing from the inside" is complete, each treatment will be implemented by the body in a more comprehensive way and it will bring greater benefits to your body and soul.

The algae therapy - which favors the expulsion of toxins from the skin and the subsequent reinstatement of the trace elements necessary for the normal functioning of the skin - and hydrotherapy -  water therapy that provides a general relaxation of the body and massages you in all the meridians of the body with water jets for a revitalizing effect - contribute to the purification and detoxification process.


The philosophy of Villa Eden is based on the concept of rejuvenation. The body must return to its natural functionality both from a medical and aesthetic point of view. The beauty department and  the medical department, thanks to their collaboration towards the regeneration of the body through energy balance, work together to ensure that every medical cure and every beauty treatment are working together in harmony.

Cell therapy

Autologous cell regeneration is the bio-stimulation of the dermis cells via an intradermal or subcutaneous injection of platelet-rich plasma belonging to the same patient, which is applied in the area to be treated in order to stimulate cell proliferation and consequent regeneration of tissues and healing of wounds. The platelet-rich plasma is autologous in origin (the patient’s own plasma taken via a normal blood sample), without the addition of pharmacological components of animal or plant origin. This eliminates the risk of a local or systemic immune reaction.

This innovative therapy is applicable to the facial areas (periorbital area, cheekbones, forehead, cheeks, eyelids, chin, nasolabial area), neck, décolleté and body (back of the hands, arms, thighs, knees, abdomen and buttocks). The injecting techniques used minimize the sensation of pain during application and are designed to get the best result from the use of autologous cells.

Given the success already encountered among our guests in the application of this new therapy, we are pleased to refund your money if you are not satisfied, to prove our professionalism and the excellent results obtained using autologous cellular regeneration.


  • cellular therapy with platelet rich plasma used for autologous cell regeneration 
    per area: € 850

Oxygen - ozone therapy

The lifestyle imposed by a rapid pace can cause little annoyances which, if not properly taken into account, increase over time and turn into real problems. Prevention is an increasingly important theme developed at Villa Eden through the continuous study of highly effective treatments. A new therapy offered at Villa Eden is oxygen-ozone therapy.

Oxygen-ozone therapy can be used in various pathological situations ranging from bacterial and viral infections, also difficult ones, in numerous diseases of the circulatory system and, in particular, to the obstructive diseases such as diabetic angiopathy, claudicatio intermittens of the lower limbs, retinal microangiopathy and atherosclerotic heart and cerebral diseases.

In aesthetic medicine, ozone has various fields of application. It is used via subcutaneous intracapillary injections in the cellulitis in the treatment of angiotelectasis (so-called "spider veins") and intravenously in the form of large auto-hemotransfusion as an anti-aging treatment.

  • GAET (major autohemotherapy) € 170 per session
  • GAET (major autohemotherapy with homotoxical mesotherapy) € 220 per session
  • Minor auto-hemotherapy € 120 per session
  • Rectal insufflation € 90 per session
  • Mesotherapy € 120 per session