The latest therapies and treatments for your stay in Merano

In our retreat in Merano we offer professional and advanced medical treatments to resolve various issues. Some of the specific medical treatments listed below are included in the customized programs of Villa Eden.

Therapy to purify from heavy metal accumulation
A non-invasive therapy to purify from the toxins of heavy metals. The body detoxifies itself through the use of bioenergy stimulation that rebalances, improving your health.20 min. € 85,00
Hot, humid inhalation
Practical and safe method for the prevention of diseases of the airways and for treatment of existing pathologies: colds, irritations, inflammation and alterations also due to smoke and pollution.
Aerosol20 min. € 22,00
Nasal irrigation20 min. € 22,00
Warm and humid inhalation20 min. € 22,00
Biophysical therapy with mechanical lymphatic drainage
Therapy for the reactivation of neuro-immuno-endocrine defenses combined with a mechanical lymphatic drainage.55 min. € 115,00
Biophysical therapy for the reduction of chronic inflammatory states
Biofeedback for the regulation of the membrane potential, fundamental for the reduction of the processes of chronic inflammation. 30 min. € 80,00
Biothermic treatment for metabolic functions
Innovative method to restore the proper functioning of the organs' metabolism.55 min. € 120,00
Pain therapy
Very important endogenous thermotherapy for the treatment of various muscular, tendon, bone and articular disturbances. 55 min. € 120,00
Stimulation of the chakra points
Biostimulation and energy balancing of the most important energy vortexes (chakras) of the body to treat stress and mental fatigue.55 min. € 120,00
Treatment for sleep disorders
Treatment for sleep disorders 30 min. € 80,00
Japanese massage technique that uses acupressure (particularly effective in energy recovery).50 min. € 120,00
Manual stimulation of all the reflex points located on the sole of the foot to improve the functionality of the organs and viscera of the body combined with chromotherapy.55 min. € 110,00
Phyto-algae therapy
Therapy with a water pack aids the expulsion of toxins, improves vascular function and re-mineralizes the tissue.55 min. € 110,00