Health and wellness: the keywords of your stay in Merano

The Villa Eden Merano staff works every day with passion and dedication so that the guests can achieve important goals, which will enable them to maintain a high quality of life and to gain in health, wellness, vitality and spirit.


  • Health: The maintenance of a healthy and detoxified body is of vital importance to prevent the accumulation of toxins, which cause the onset of disorders and become diseases when they are not treated. If we want our body to be a comfortable vehicle for our journey in life we need to take care of it.
  • Beauty: Beauty is the expression of feeling good about yourself. Feeling beautiful facilitates interpersonal relationships, it’s indispensable for anyone’s social life and it’s important for the psychological balance.
  • Vitality: The harmonious balance between body and soul is a prerequisite for health and well-being. If there is such a harmonic synergy, the individual will be able to deal with internal and external pressure derived from various situations with a new energy.
  • Spirit: Positive thinking primarily means to firmly believe that each of us has a talent, a quality that is just waiting to be awakened. We struggle every day in search of what can make us happy without knowing that the resources we need to achieve all of our dreams are harbored within us. Villa Eden leads the guests to the belief that it is possible to improve every aspect of their life through a positive approach, because it is we who build and determine what we want.

We strongly believe that every guest can take important steps on the road leading to well-being. This belief is based on many years of experience and professionalism, that Villa Eden proves every day to all guests, offering them unforgettable moments of joy during their stay in Merano.

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