The product lines dedicated to health and beauty of Villa Eden

Nutriceutical line

Nutraceuticals can be of great help to solve nutritional inadequacies and provide the body with the means to improve its efficiency.
The medical staff of Villa Eden has expanded its "health is wellness that you conquer" project, developing nutraceuticals that provide the body with nutients aimed at specific functions such as circulatory problems, seasonal changes and stress. Particular attention was paid to free radicals and antioxidants.

Cosmeceutical line

Combining our extensive experience with the achievements of modern cosmetology, we have created a line of treatments that combine plant derivatives to obtain a highly effective product. This makes it possible to counter the effects of a lack of oxygenation, hydration and tone, all while completely reintegrating the nourishment of the skin.

The continuous research of our qualified medical staff has enabled us to achieve significant results in the field of aesthetic medicine thanks to the following recent findings:

Superoxide dismutase (SOD - the molecule of youth): applied to the skin by our staff of professionals in suitable cosmetic preparations, SOD prevents the damage caused by free radicals. In fact, it is shown that it protects collagen and elastin from the action of destructive free radicals, protects the hyaluronic acid and prevents irritative and inflammatory reactions;

Omega 3: Villa Eden has developed an innovative product line with Omega 3: its contribution makes it possible to limit the loss of trans-epidermal water, reducing the phenomena of skin inflammation and the natural lipid layer, helping to keep the skin hydrated. The Omega 3 products exert immediate action on the skin within a few moments, combined with a long-term effect that increases with its subsequent applications up to the attainment of a stage of stability.