Holiday of sports and health in Merano, Italy

At Villa Eden in Merano we propose a unique vacation concept in Italy and we attach primary importance to the well-being of our guests by providing them with numerous opportunities to practice sports. From Monday to Saturday at 7:00 am, guests can enjoy a regenerating session of muscle awakening in the extensive park. In poor weather, the session takes place in the exercise room. The purpose of the morning exercise is to stretch and gently loosen the muscles so you can start your vacation days in the open air. In addition, you can stay in shape in the gym and while participating in healthy yoga classes and water aerobics. Take care of your health while dedicating your time to physical activity in our Merano Retreat and with outdoor sports.


Fitness for you:

Sports check-up with lactate measurement

Specific measurement to find the target heart rate for a workout dedicated to weight and fat reduction.

€ 150


Personal trainer lesson

Lessons of physical activity with the individual Personal Trainer.

30 min. - € 80

60 min. - € 105


Postural evaluation

Total body evaluation, from the musculoskeletal system to modulation of movement, from cardio-pulmonary system to the metabolism.

60 min. - € 115


Individual Yoga lesson

Personalized yoga sessions, ideal for improving your mental well-being.

60 min. - € 105


Pelvic exercises

Exercise that involves a series of movements to develop the muscles of the pelvis involved in the proper functioning of the bladder and genital tract. Recommended for women with issues  related to menopause, and for men to maintain proper health of the prostate.

€ 105