Hikes with a unique charm in Merano and surroundings

You can go on pleasant hikes with our Irmi during your stay at Villa Eden while admiring the beauty of Merano and its surroundings all year long. In the sunny season you can immerse yourself in the pristine nature and contemplate the brilliant colours of the landscapes, while in winter you can enjoy beautiful snowy landscapes. The area offers endless opportunities, like walks along the river Passirio, the Tappeiner promenade at 100 m above the city, marked by a mixture of alpine and Mediterranean vegetation, and the "Merano water trails" tour, a circuit that spans the Merano valley basin, winding around the city along an 80 km path. You can also try the Alta Via di Merano, one of the most beautiful hiking trails of the Alps, nearly 100 km long, and Merano 2000, a trekking paradise in the immediate vicinity of Villa Eden.