Holidays devoted to yoga and meditation in a unique Retreat in Italy

Spend relaxing holidays in our Retreat practicing the techniques of meditation and discovering the beneficial effects of yoga, an ancient discipline that has a considerable following in Italy and around the world. Every afternoon, from Monday to Saturday, you can participate in classes taught by our certified teacher or personalities who choose Villa Eden for its special features. Yoga will help make your body agile and flexible, reactivate mental faculties and eliminate stress, nervous tension and accumulated toxins. In addition, yoga promotes circulation, has a toning effect and balances the body's functions in order to gain or lose weight according to your individual needs. We also propose an innovative facelift yoga, a facial gymnastics technique that helps to delay the appearance of signs of aging and to correct minor asymmetries of the face. During your holidays of profound well-being in the most exclusive Italian Leading Park Retreat you can regenerate body and soul thanks to yoga and meditation.