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"Pioneers of health"

Our expertise at your service

Thanks to the experience in the field and the achievement of concrete results backed by clear scientific evidence, we are proud to be able to define ourselves as "pioneers" in the field of health and improvement of the quality of life. The constant progress in diagnostics and laboratory research, have led our structure to the top of the rankings of European health retreats and to win prestigious international awards.


For a radiant future of health and vitality

Our idea of longevity is founded on a basic premise. Simply living longer is just not a satisfactory goal. The quality of life is a fundamental aspect. The paths prepared by the Villa Eden health experts are created to lead you to a future based on serenity and a vibrant sense of well-being. Every day spent with us will be another exceptional piece of an extraordinary experiential mosaic.

The villa

Chic atmosphere and attention to detail

The eye wants its part ...
For this reason, we welcome our guests to a charming and congenial atmosphere. From the beautiful panoramic terrace to the Cheminée Lounge Bar, an elegant and vibrant meeting place, from the wellness centre to the reception area, to the dining room. Last but not least, is the park that surrounds the retreat in a sweet embrace, making it an island of privacy and tranquillity.

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