Villa Eden

Villa Eden in response to SARS-COV-2

Dear guests and friends of Villa Eden,

Our top priority has always been the health, safety and well-being of both you and our employees.

For a carefree and safe holiday, we would like to inform you about our Covid Safe Concept:

  • Villa Eden can only be accessed by guests with a valid Green Pass or equivalent;
  • Thanks to the character of a private mansion with only 29 suites, compliance with the measures for social distancing in all areas is easily guaranteed;
  • With the close collaboration of our medical staff, we provide the highest possible "virus free" standard for an accommodation facility. Of course, we also offer rapid tests, which can be done in-house by our medical department.

The official status of Covid Safe Hotel provides for strict measures that allow the proper performance of all hotel services.

Thanks to the close collaboration between the staff of our Longevity Medical Centre, the local health authority and internationally renowned experts, Villa Eden provides the highest possible standard for an accommodation facility in Italy.

The official status of Covid Safe Hotel includes the following key points of the strategy dedicated to safety and health.

Winter in South Tyrol

We had to be patient for a while, but we can finally return to enjoy the winter in all its splendour. You will be able to ski safely: the ski lifts can be used upon presentation of a Green Pass or equivalent. You may also purchase your ski pass online. Of course, we are always at your disposal in case you need help.

Villa Eden: combining 5-star luxury with absolute security
With only 29 suites and surrounded by a centuries-old park located in the most exclusive residential area of Merano, Villa Eden is the ideal place to enjoy a stay dedicated to maximum tranquillity and well-being. Always known for its outstanding quality standard, we have added additional disinfecting and sanitizing procedures to the Suites and the common areas.

Social distancing
The character of private mansion of Villa Eden easily allows us to respect the measures provided for social distancing in all environments.

Cancellation is possible free of charge for those who book directly at any time in the following situations:
-    In case of possible border closure;
-    If South Tyrol were to be classified as a risk area by your local authorities,
-    If a quarantine obligation is imposed before or after your holiday in South Tyrol.

Safe and carefree travel
Entry requirements to and from Italy

To consult the updated entry requirements for the Autonomous Province of Bolzano, please visit this link. 
If you wish to check the info we provided, you can find them at this link

The self-certification form to enter Italy is now online at this page.

Services offered
Thanks to the strict measures of Covid Safe Hotel, all hotel services are guaranteed and operational.

Villa Eden: an investment for your health
Based on our "We take care of you" philosophy, a culture of service with close attention to individual needs, I would like to emphasize our decades of expertise in preventive medicine and longevity.

As you can see, we are perfectly prepared to welcome you after this forced pause. For further questions and requests, feel free to contact me personally. Honoured to have been at your service for over 38 years, we assure you that we will continue our tradition of excellence in hospitality and regeneration of body and mind.


Angelika Schmid
with the entire team of Villa Eden

Villa Eden: Guidelines
for the safety and health
of our guests and staff

Merano, 29/11/2021

Health and well-being have always been at the heart of our shared mission. This is why it was a logical consequence that Villa Eden, always in close collaboration with the medical staff and the various experts in health and longevity, has adopted the highest possible standards to become one of the first "Covid Safe Hotels" in Italy.

Who can we host?

We strive to guarantee maximum security and privacy to our guests. For this reason, we ask your understanding if, currently, only those who have booked a stay can access our retreat.

Getting to Villa Eden

Fortunately, Villa Eden is immersed in a centuries-old park in the most exclusive residential area of Merano. This privileged position allows us to guarantee a safe and secure entrance:

  • Only guests with a reservation can access the retreat
  • We ask each guest to sign a self-declaration that states the absence of symptoms resulting from respiratory infection and not to have a body temperature above 37.5° C
  • To better prepare for check-in, we kindly ask you to indicate your arrival time
  • In order to ensure an environment as sanitized and germ-free as possible, you will find a disinfection tunnel in front of the hotel
  • If you would like to take a rapid antigen test, this will be possible by appointment at a cost of Euro 50.
Your suite and the areas of Villa Eden

Thanks to our experts, we have developed a service protocol that provides for the complete sanitization of your suite before arrival.
Naturally, all the rooms and common areas will also be sanitized frequently, guaranteeing the highest quality standard that can be found in a luxury facility in Italy.

In addition, you will find a free COVID Kit in your suite including:

  • 1 FFP2 certified mask
  • 1 surgical mask
  • 1 pair of nitrile gloves
  • 1 bottle of hand sanitizing gel

Additional personal protective equipment (PPE) can be purchased at the reception.

Covid-19 regulation, behaviour and standards of Villa Eden staff

We are proud to inform you that all our collaborators will undergo the coronavirus test on a weekly basis.

General measures according to the provincial rules of South Tyrol

Since the beginning of the pandemic, our province - renowned for its extremely high quality health standards - has followed a strategy based on very strict rules and measures to combat coronavirus. Below, we report the most important rules provided by provincial law.

  • An interpersonal safety distance of 1 m must always be kept outdoors and in common areas, except between members of the same cohabiting family unit. At a lesser distance, everyone is obliged to use respiratory protection.
  • In all cases where there are potential gatherings, when there is a concrete possibility of meeting or mingling with other people without being able to maintain the social distance of 1 m (for example in pedestrian areas, on sidewalks, etc.) it is obligatory for everyone to use respiratory protection.
  • In all closed places accessible to the public, including means of transport, everyone must use respiratory protection without exception and maintain social distancing of 1 m.
  • With reference to respiratory protection, you may use disposable or washable masks, also self-produced, in multilayer materials, which cover from the chin up to above the nose, or suitable protective visors or equivalent protection.
Use of respiratory protection

To implement the above, we ask each of you to adopt the following provisions also in the following cases.

  • Please also wear respiratory protection in all the common areas of Villa Eden, during group lessons, during excursions and if it is not possible to respect the distance of 1 m indicated by the rules of social distancing.
  • We trust in your understanding if it will be necessary to wear the FFP2 mask in the Longevity Medical & Spa Center department.
  • Before accessing the Eden’s Park restaurant and / or terrace to eat meals, please wear a mask of your choice (surgical, fabric or FFP2) which can be removed once seated at the table. To access the buffet, it is mandatory to wear a mask and use the disposable gloves that you will find available. If you wish, you can request room service for breakfast and in order to avoid the buffet, we can serve the salad and vegetables of your choice by selecting them from the à la carte menu.

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