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A balance of sublime flavours

Health through eating

It is our desire to share a wonderfully creative style of cooking, while respecting and enhancing the rhythm of nature and the authentic flavours of our land, using our own garden and organic products whenever possible. Let Executive Chef Marcello Corrado and his team take you on a delightful journey and savour the art of sustainable cuisine that blends Mediterranean, regional and international flavours, made with locally sourced ingredients. True masterpieces of creativity and flair for an unforgettable multi-sensory journey.

"The road to health passes through the kitchen, not the pharmacy."

Sebastian Kneipp

Health at mealtime
Good nutrition for a better life
The detox diet offers individual personalized menus without ever sacrificing taste or ... your silhouette. We promote the use of fruit, vegetables, lactose free products, gluten-free cereals and fish proteins, all carefully selected ingredients to aid the restoration of the acid-base balance and ensure the proper caloric intake. In addition to purification, the menu plan, created by our nutrition experts, guarantees an anti- inflammatory effect. Our physicians create personalized food plans, taking into account any intolerances and / or allergies.
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Health at mealtime
Health at mealtime
Pure gastronomic art
The Eden’s Park Mindful Restaurant

A healthy diet is the basis of feeling good. Always one-step ahead, Villa Eden has adopted Healthy Gourmet Cuisine, using fresh, high quality products, cooked in a light and healthy way, to preserve all the essential nutrients and to provide excellent digestibility. For an original cooking concept, savour the refined cuisine of Eden's Park - The Mindful Restaurant, where every dish is a taste experience.

Boundless Flavor Combinations
The Tasting Room
by Marcello Corrado

Executive Chef Marcello Corrado, with his kitchen brigade, and expert sommelier Giuseppe Inguscio will be delighted to welcome you to Eden's Park Tasting Room for dinner. Here, the celebration of pleasure combines with lightness: each dish is a harmonious interpretation of flavours that becomes a sensorial experience.