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Rebalance and Stress Control

When stress and commitments determine the pace of our lives, it becomes increasingly difficult to relax in our free time. The consequences are mental fatigue, nervousness, insomnia, restlessness, difficulty concentrating, leading to headaches and chronic diseases. 

OBJECTIVE: relaxation techniques, healthy eating and exercise help restore physical and mental balance.
This program is designed for a minimum stay of 7 days and can be extended for 10 or 14 nights. It includes the following services:



  • Initial medical examination 
  • Epigenetic Test and analytical evaluation of the quantitative and qualitative body composition 
  • Measurement and evaluation of the Body Mass Index (BMI - body composition: fat tissue, lean body mass and muscle and percentage of water) 
  • Nutritional advice
  • Final medical examination to discuss goals, progress and results



  • 3 anti-stress massages (85 min.) 
  • 3 stimulations of the chakra points of the body with music therapy (55 min.) 
  • 3 Cellgym® sessions (40 min.): Intermittent Hypoxia–Hyperoxia Training (IHHT)
  • 3 reflexology treatments with chromotherapy (55 min.) 
  • 1 Touch for Health (55 min.)
  • 1 anti-stress lesson with personal trainer (60 min.) 
  • 2 specific supplements  of your choice on medical advice



  • Diagnostic results
  • Summary of treatments and therapies performed
  • Advice for follow-up at home
  • Personal trainer’s individualized schedule for physical follow-up at home

Package price: € 2.500

NOTE: The above-mentioned program does not include accommodations.