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Natural beauty, a caress to the soul ...

Our Beauty Centre, where you can experience an atmosphere of sweet relaxation, is a "temple" of beauty care. The best treatments for face and body, massages and the attention of our highly qualified staff will make every moment precious.

"There is no beauty greater than that which everyone keeps within himself."

What would a holiday be without quality relaxation and lovely "wellness pampering" to be savoured? Thanks to an outstanding selection of wellness & beauty proposals, enhanced by the prized cosmetics line based on natural active Villa Eden ingredients and by the use of the most advanced techniques, the results will be immediately visible and lasting. In synergy with our extreme dexterity for the face, the neck and the body, we will offer you a resplendent and relaxed skin tone. In addition, you can finally free yourself from imperfections such as cellulite, localized adiposity, skin spots or the signs of age, thus rediscovering happiness and self-confidence.

Body treatments

Neuromuscular and draining body massage
55 min. - Euro 120

A deep manual massage stimulates both cutaneous receptors and microcirculation, improving the drainage function and muscle contraction. 

Neuromuscular and draining body massage
55 min. - Euro 120

A deep manual massage stimulates skin receptors and can ease muscle spasms.

Manual lymphatic drainage
55 min. - Euro 120

Specific massage technique targeted to the areas of the body with an excessive reduction of lymphatic circulation and stagnation of liquids. 

Anti-stress massage
180 min. - Euro 85

It is the result of a studied fusion of various techniques of body manipulation integrated with breathing techniques. It stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation, nerve regeneration, muscle relaxation and elasticity of joints. 

Exfoliating body treatment
55 min. - Euro 110

Peeling with royal jelly, elastin and collagen, which removes the stratum corneum and aids the penetration of active nutrients. 

Iodine body scrub
110 min. - Euro 220

Exfoliating treatment with salts of Sicily enriched with plant extracts. Afterward, a massage with an atomized paté of Mediterranean algae, for a compacting and moisturizing effect. 

Nourishing detoxifying body treatment
110 min. - Euro 220

Treatment that removes toxins in the skin and restores the balance of lipids and water, and gives the skin softness and a healthy glow. 

Breast firming treatment
85 min. - Euro 170

A synergy of different techniques to oxygenate and tone the tissue of the breast. 

Scalp treatment
55 min. - Euro 115

Improves any discomfort of the scalp, in particular disorders such as dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis, and provides clear results: including slowing of hair loss.

Localized fat and cellulite

Body cast treatment
110 min. - Euro 240

The body cast treatment is highly effective against cellulite and localized fat deposits. It raises the internal temperature in the problematic area, increases blood supply and metabolism, and helps eliminate toxins. The next step of the treatment is an occlusive wrap for slimming with a warming effect that stimulates perspiration, recommended in the case of compact cellulite and fatty deposits, because heat accentuates the fat dissolving principle. As an alternative, an occlusive cold-hot wrap can be performed, promoting motorvascular activity, resulting in firming, toning and anti- cellulite results. Excellent for heavy legs. 

Clay body treatment to reduce body swelling
110 min. - Euro 220

Body treatment that reduces swelling and revitalizes with micronized clay for a sculpting effect. 

Endermologie LPG System
50 min. - Euro 115

Effective treatment against imperfections such as cellulite and localized fatty deposits. Improves microcirculation, tones and sculpts the silhouette. 

50 min. - Euro 90

It is an exogenous heat therapy which restores the physiological arterial circulation and normal metabolism in the damaged tissue (cellulite and adiposity). The result is a reduction in volume of the treated part. 

50 min. - Euro 85

H.B.S. is a low-frequency electric therapy that works on both muscle and skin tone and on the regularization of the circulatory (arterial and venous) and lymphatic systems. 

Face, neck, decolleté

Moisturizing and lepidic facial and neck treatment
55 min. - Euro 150

Specific for the face and neck to prevent signs of aging. Acts on the hydration and lipidation of the stratum corneum, letting the skin breathe and absorb all the nutrition it needs. 

Toning facial-neck treatment with cast mask
55 min. - Euro 140

Promotes the absorption of compounds of marine trace elements, vitamin and vegetal complexes. 

Smoothing anti-aging face and neck treatment with coralline mask
55 min. - Euro 145

Specific treatment for face and neck, using the moisturizing properties of reef seaweed with a revitalizing and anti-aging effect. 

Facial-neck treatment for impure skin with clay mask
55 min. - Euro 135

Specific treatment for problem skin or acne. It works equally well for alterations of the sebaceous glands, balancing and reducing inflammation of the tissues. 

Facial treatment with royal jelly
55 min. - Euro 150

Oxygenating treatment with royal jelly with firming effect. 

Treatment for face and neck with the superoxide dismutase molecule
55 min. - Euro 155

Reshaping and firming treatment for the face and neck, using superoxide dismutase (the youth molecule). The anti-free radical treatment par excellence. Great for young and stressed skin, excellent for mature skin, helps to regenerate the dermis. 

Other services

Vital Balance

More fit, more beautiful, happier

For a healthy and effective remise en forme, Villa Eden organizes many activities that will help you obtain an enviable physical condition. We are sure of one thing: the well-being of the body is invariably reflected on the mind as well.
Aquagym courses in the pool, fitness and yoga classes, excursions amid the wonderful nature of Merano, bike tours, walking, hiking but also tennis or a round of golf ...


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