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Healthy Gourmet Cuisine

Flavour, sensations, and lightness

Healthy eating is the basis of feeling well. Ahead of their time, Villa Eden has adopted Healthy Gourmet Cuisine for years, using fresh and high quality products, cooked in a healthy and light way in order to guarantee all the fundamental nutrients and an excellent digestibility.

"Delight the palate with light and refined dishes: an experience within an experience ..."

Our restaurant serves dishes inspired by tradition and creatively re-interpreted by our chef, who strives to offer a complete sensory experience.
Those who follow a detox diet are offered local menus, without sacrificing flavour or... your waistline.
To sum up, our cuisine is refined, preferring a moderate use of salt, white meats and carefully selected ingredients which help restore the acid-alkaline balance and guarantee the right caloric intake. Finally, our experts will prepare personalized food plans and, if you follow a vegetarian or vegan nutritional style, you will have special menus available.

Longevity Medical Center

Body. Mind. Harmony.

In the Longevity Medical Centre, we pursue the achievement of an ideal balance between body, mind and spirit, respecting the surrounding nature in order to restore a symbiotic relationship. All of this is made possible through treatments and health paths of extraordinary effectiveness, prepared and tested by the medical team in tandem with our wellness and fitness experts.

Remise en forme

Synergy for the body and the mind

Vital, fit and with more energy. With our special remise en forme programme, you will free your body from excess toxins, restoring a harmonious balance between body and mind: and you will immediately feel the health benefits. This programme is designed for a minimum stay of 7 days, including full board and additional services. Find out more in the dedicated section!

Anti-cellulite Days

Free from the "orange peel"

Skin with the orange peel effect, fragile capillaries, excessive accumulation of subcutaneous fatty tissue? Cellulite is a metabolic disorder and involves changes in the microcirculation of the lower limbs, stagnation of liquids and important changes in fatty tissue. This programme is designed for a minimum stay of 7 days - extendable to 10 -, including full board and additional services.

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