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Oxygen Ozone Therapy

Healthy blood, healthy body

Oxygen Ozone Therapy has beneficial effects on microcirculation as well as an effective antibacterial, fungicidal and antiviral effect. It improves blood circulation and cellular oxygenation as well as the metabolism. In addition, it has a positive impact on the quality of sleep, it improves mental fatigue and has an immune modulating and boosts the immune system to trigger the appropriate responses in case of attacks. Finally, it is also used in the treatment of pain (low back pain, shoulder pain, etc.) and for intestinal health (advisable in all chronic inflammatory bowel diseases).

The primary task of Villa Eden is to prevent any health disturbances and ensure a serene longevity through scrupulous methodology and cutting-edge technology. In fact, the latest medical discoveries and advancements of scientific research lead us to keep our offers up-to-date.

This is why, several years ago, we decided to include Oxygen Ozone Therapy among our medical proposals. It is an extraordinary technique for oxygenating the blood and improving the body's defences.

The therapy is carried out under the supervision of our medical director Dr. Emanuele De Nobili, a recognized expert of this medical therapy and affiliated with one of the most important scientific institutions in the field.

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