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Bookable all year 

Celebrity skin with P.R.P.

Naturally luminous and uniform skin like porcelain is everyone’s dream... now you can have it! Do you have to make an important presentation for your company, prepare a screen test for your next movie or simply wish to feel more beautiful and admired just like the stars? Then choose the new program of Villa Eden “Celebrity Skin”, entrusting yourself to the expert hands of our medical team, who will take you on a path of regeneration via our professional skin check-up, personalized face and neck treatments, face hydration, nourishment and moisturizing of the skin to prevent aging, and the new therapy of autologous cell regeneration PRP with use of platelet rich plasma.


To obtain flawless skin like a star.
This program is designed for a minimum stay of 3 nights and includes the following services: 


  • Skin check-up to analyze your skin type and to counter aging of the facial skin appropriately.
  • Personalized mini program of 3 facial and neck treatments according to your skin type and identified by the skin check-up
  • Autologous cell regeneration PRP with the use of platelet rich plasma 

From € 1,480 to € 1,960 per person
Note: The above mentioned program does not include accommodations.

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