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Castel Rametz

Our wine estate

The Castel Rametz wine estate, owned by our family for generations, is located a few steps from Villa Eden, near the famous botanical garden of Merano.

Its privileged position means that the cultivation of Guyot grapes ripen with outstanding quality. We further enhance their characteristics during the winemaking process that takes place directly on the farm.

Our historic cellar is undoubtedly the most evocative in all of Merano. With its oak barrels and built entirely of stone, it is a remarkable example of historical architecture. Inside, you can step into a magical and romantic atmosphere.

In the Wine Museum, you can view tools used in the past for viticulture. These nearly forgotten instruments have been collected and restored with loving care.

We organize guided tours and wine tastings for our guests weekly.

We organize guided tours for our Guests to the wine estate, historical wine cellars and museum and complimentary wine and Speck tastings.

"A bottle of wine contains more philosophy than any book in the world."

The ancient cellar is undoubtedly the most beautiful in Merano. Constructed entirely of stone, it stands as a remarkable example of architectural artistry. Its oak barrels create a magical and romantic ambiance.

The wine museum showcases viticulture tools, many of which had been forgotten, carefully collected and restored.

We offer our guests weekly guided tours and tastings.