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Living: rooms & suites

Luxury, comfort and elegance for the holidays

Our exclusive Small Luxury Hotel has only 29 rooms and suites, with elegance, comfort and excellent services, for a functional luxury that is never an end in itself. Furniture, accents, and amenities combine to make your atmosphere a fascinating oasis of lovely intimacy and relaxation because, on holiday a good quality of rest is essential for the health of the body and the spirit.

60-70 sqm

Garden Suite

Airiness, harmony, chic furnishings. All inclusive, all delightful, in this suite of your fondest desires with a splendid view of the centuries-old park of Villa Eden. If you want a bit more “wonder” in your wonderful stay, this is the perfect choice...

70 sqm

Parc Suite

The warmth of the nuances and the space. The brightness and the panorama. The furniture and services. An oasis within an oasis where the splendour of a truly unique atmosphere is tangible, able to instil relaxation and the true essence of authentic luxury in your soul.

45-50 sqm

Prestige Room

Design, spaciousness, colours. There are so many interpretations of comfort at your disposal because we are convinced that a quality rest is essential for moments of authentic physical and mental regeneration. The Prestige Room offers you the perfect synthesis of all this.

100 sqm

Grand Suite

The largest of our suites is synonymous with magnificence and a guarantee of a stay in a charming environment, with superior amenities as well as ample spaces. Here, your holiday transcends into an unforgettable experience ...

35-40 sqm

Elegant Room

Relaxation and the services you expect for your holiday. Every detail of this room has been designed to complete the experience: your private space has all the significant comforts to make your stay an extremely pleasant one.


Designed for your health

To spend an unforgettable stay dedicated to wellness, relaxation and relaxation in the beautiful landscape of Merano, take advantage of the exclusive signature offers from Villa Eden. Your holiday will be a symphony in crescendo combining elegance, luxury and exceptional services with organized activities both inside and outside the retreat.

Healthy Gourmet Cuisine

For flavour, experience and lightness

Healthy eating is the basis of feeling well. Well ahead of their time, Villa Eden has promoted Healthy Gourmet Cuisine for years, using fresh and top quality products, prepared in a healthy and light way, in order to guarantee all the fundamental nutrients and an excellent digestibility. Our restaurant serves dishes inspired by tradition and creatively re-interpreted by our chef ...


A flourishing city of health and culture

Nestled in a basin at the foot of the Tessa Group, Merano is a popular destination throughout the year thanks to events such as the Christmas markets, the horse race, the Meran WineFestival and attractions such as the ski slopes of the nearby Merano 2000, the stunning gardens of Castel Trauttmansdorf and the Tappeiner promenades on the hill that goes up towards Castel Tirolo; an area rich in vineyards.

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