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25.08. - 30.11.2021 

50 years old, now what?

The reset to plan the second phase of your life

You have years of challenges and success behind you, but also a lot of commitment, stress and sacrifice. How can you eliminate accumulated fatigue and improve your physical shape, with which you no longer feel at ease?

A total reset programme awaits you at Villa Eden, challenging but with surprising results, to reorganize everyday life and rediscover that vitality you thought you had lost... for another 50 years full of verve!


  • Initial medical examination
  • Blood analysis
  • Epigenetic test
  • BIA (Body Impedence Analyzer)
  • Nutritional advice
  • 2 sessions of oxygen ozone therapy + IV Therapy
  • 3 Body cast treatments

Ideal for stays starting from 4 nights. 

From € 2.250 per person (the stay is not included). 

Note: Limited offer, subject to availability.

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