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IV Therapy

Eden's Drip Lounge

The main reasons for intravenous infusions of vitamins are to relieve stress, improve cognitive functions, free the body of toxins, stimulate the metabolism and assist the immune system. They are also used for the treatment of certain diseases such as chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. They also have an effective impact in anti-aging since they moisturize the skin giving it a more youthful appearance. The whole body benefits from it with a pleasant sensation of overall well-being.

Most of the fluids, vitamins and antioxidants taken orally are absorbed by the body only to a small extent and are unable to reach the bloodstream, where they could be biologically effective.
By means of the new intravenous injection therapy, on the other hand, an immediate and 100% absorption of vitamins, antioxidants and all the other active components injected is obtained, also registering greater intracellular hydration.

The IV Energy Therapy is recognized as the most advanced and effective technique to combat dehydration, the aging process and to prevent a series of ailments caused by oxidative stress. The result is a strengthened immune system and an enhanced regenerative effect.


Price: from € 350 per session

Recommended: 3-4 sessions

Effect: Immediate

Antioxidant Infusion

Excessive production of free radicals, which damage cells and DNA, can contribute to various health conditions, including heart disease and premature aging. Antioxidants, in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle, reduce this risk.

Alkalizing Infusion

By infusing an electrolyte solution, it helps the body reduce extracellular matrix acidity, improving cellular function.

Detox Infusion

A blend of specific micronutrients promotes liver detoxification and overall cellular detox, enhancing well-being and appearance.

Energy Infusion

Provides essential micronutrients for chronic fatigue or increased energy demands due to work or sports.

Metabolism Booster Infusion

Supports the metabolism in tandem with physical activity, increasing cellular fat burning, especially in muscles, beneficial for weight management.

Immuno Plus Infusion

Strengthens the immune system to prevent or treat acute and chronic infections, especially viral ones (such as influenza, colds, and herpes), and reduces the risk of cellular degeneration.

Brain Booster Infusion

Improves concentration, memory, and reduces brain fog typically experienced during periods of high stress or following viral infections.

Gut Health Infusion

The modern lifestyle consisting of high stress and poor eating habits can damage the intestinal mucosa, leading to nutrient malabsorption and deficiencies. This can result in psychophysical symptoms such as fatigue, increased infection risk, and overall health issues.

Skin and Hair Health Infusion

Aims to enhance the appearance of skin and hair from within, delivering essential micronutrients in combination with proper cosmetic hygiene.

Sleep Restore Infusion

For truly restorative nights of sleep, as quality sleep plays a crucial role in overall health and aging.

Infusion therapy with NAD+

It is an infusion with NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide), one of the most advanced therapies in the field of regenerative medicine. It increases the efficiency of various metabolic roles, including energy production, improved brain function and cellular rejuvenation.

Ozone oxygen therapy