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En quelques clics, vous pourrez bientôt profiter des excellentes prestations de notre Villa Eden. Envoyez-nous simplement les dates de votre voyage, nous nous réjouissons déjà de vous offrir un séjour exceptionnel.


Where cooking rises to an art form, and taste is never a sin.

Tasting Room at Eden's Park

At the Tasting Room, in line with the mission of VILLA EDEN, starred chef Marcello Corrado aims to combine pleasure with well-being, fostering a virtuous and fulfilling lifestyle. The common threads are absolute quality and meticulous attention to detail, starting from the selection of outstanding ingredients, emphasizing organic choices, seasonal rhythms, and a preference for locally sourced products. In addition, the culinary team embraces an ethos cantered on waste reduction, elevating the entirety of each ingredient, and enhancing the entire product. The aspiration is to guide guests through a gastronomic journey based on deep respect for raw materials, while introducing innovative combinations. Chef Corrado presents visually familiar dishes while astounding the senses with exhilarating flavour combinations and unique plating. The incomparable elegance of the rooms set the scene for a sublime experience.