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A flourishing city of spas and ... culture

Since the 18th century, Merano has been a renowned health resort thanks to its healthy and mild microclimate, with winters that are less rigid and summers that are cooler. Over the centuries, it has attracted important personalities such as Elisabeth of Bavaria - the beloved Princess Sissi - and Franz Kafka, author of the masterpiece "The metamorphosis".

"City of flowers in spring, fun in the summer, the golden climate in autumn, the magic of Christmas in winter. City of health ... always. "

Nestled in a basin at the foot of the Tessa Group, it is a popular destination throughout the year thanks to events such as the famous Christmas markets, the Gran Prix horse race, the Meran WineFestival and attractions such as the ski slopes of the nearby Merano 2000, the beautiful gardens of Castel Trauttmansdorf and the Tappeiner promenades on the hill that rises towards Castel Tirolo; an area rich in vineyards. Here, you can enjoy an extraordinary view of the entire city centre, dotted with large green areas and apple orchards, a slice of the Val Venosta the Merano hinterland. The historic centre is characterized by the bell tower of the Duomo and the old munitions storehouse. The characteristic arcades are a paradise for shopping, and for local sparkling wines. Another wonderful meeting place is the Lungo Passirio, a promenade that runs along the eponymous river where you can see the unmistakable dome of the Kurhaus. Finally, Merano is also the ideal destination for lovers of cycling and hiking, thanks to the numerous bike paths and scenic mountain trails.

Our method

The secret to longevity

Embrace a better lifestyle in just a few days ... a dream that can come true at Villa Eden. Thanks to the method developed by our team of experts, based on a combination of specific medical treatments, balanced nutrition, exercise and practical advice to keep fit at home, we will help you acquire healthy habits and achieve a new physical and mental balance.

Vital balance

More fit, more beautiful, happier

For a healthy and effective remise en forme, Villa Eden organizes many activities that will help you obtain an enviable physical condition. We are sure of one thing: the well-being of the body is invariably reflected on the mind as well.
Aquagym courses in the pool, fitness and yoga classes, excursions amid the wonderful nature of Merano, bike tours, walking, hiking but also tennis or a round of golf ...


Designed for your health

To spend an unforgettable stay dedicated to wellness, relaxation and relaxation in the beautiful landscape of Merano, take advantage of the exclusive signature offers from Villa Eden. Your holiday will be a symphony in crescendo combining elegance, luxury and exceptional services with organized activities both inside and outside the retreat.

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