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Delights for the palate

Eden’s Park – The Mindful Restaurant

Even in the gastronomic field, VILLA EDEN is dedicated to the highest quality and personal well-being. A pioneer of healthy cuisine, the Eden's Park restaurant interprets a philosophy deeply rooted in the principles of biodiversity and regenerative agriculture. It is our desire to share a wonderfully creative style of cooking, while respecting and enhancing the rhythm of nature and the authentic flavours of our land, using our own garden and organic products whenever possible. The environment enhances the experience: three elegant internal rooms create a setting of intimate tranquillity while, during the summer, you can dine on the wonderful terrace. All this, overlooking the centuries old park and with a spectacular view of the Adige Valley, is one of the most evocative spots in the entire region.


At Eden’s Park Restaurant, guests can choose from:

Pleasure Cuisine Retreat Dining

For those who want to experience refined culinary pleasures based on selected and nutritious ingredients - in line with the philosophy of VILLA EDEN - but with that extra touch of deliciousness. Refinement, attention to detail and fullness of taste distinguish each dish, whether inspired by Italian or regional cuisine, from the vegetarian to the vegan option, it is always a triumph of flavours and colours.

Detox Cuisine

Dishes for the guest who is increasingly attentive to personal well-being. Here too, very fresh ingredients of predominantly regional origin are the basis of the varied feast of flavours. Despite the limitations (gluten and dairy free, salt and sugar free), the creations satisfy the eye and the palate and help you improve your health.

"Food may be essential as fuel for the body, but good food is fuel for the soul."

Malcom Forbes