• Harmony for the senses, love for peace and quiet
  • Just 29 luxury suites: elegance, luxury and privacy
  • Well-being for the spirit and balance for the body
  • Wellness paths for a long and healthy life
  • Feeling at home in the most exclusive hotel of South Tyrol

Your health is our priority for nearly 40 years. Here for you today. And tomorrow.

Angelika Schmid

The safety and well-being of our guests have always been our primary goal, the key focus, and the value to strive for. Now that the world is witnessing a situation that involves us emotionally, we want to show you our closeness by answering all your questions about health. In addition, we want to let you know that our medical retreat has taken effective preventive measures. Feel free to consult them and stay updated on the situation.


For a radiant future of health and vitality

Our idea of longevity is founded on a basic premise. Simply living longer is just not a satisfactory goal. The quality of life is a fundamental aspect. The paths prepared by the Villa Eden health experts are created to lead you to a future based on serenity and a vibrant sense of well-being. Every day spent with us will be another exceptional piece of an extraordinary experiential mosaic.

Living: rooms & suites

Luxury, comfort and elegance for your holidays

Our exclusive Small Luxury Hotel, with only 29 rooms and suites, combines elegance, comfort and excellent services, for a functional luxury that is never an end in itself. Furniture, design elements and amenities combine to make the environment that hosts you a fascinating oasis of welcome intimacy and relaxation because, on holiday, a quality rest is essential for the health of the body and the spirit.

Oxygenated blood, guaranteed health!

Oxygen Ozone Therapy at Villa Eden

Villa Eden is among the pioneers in Europe to have adopted this extraordinary medical technique to improve the health of our guests. Oxygen Ozone Therapy has beneficial effects on microcirculation, on the immune system as well as an effective anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory influence that make it beneficial for slowing down aging.

Eden’s Park

The mindful restaurant

Imagine a place where taste opens the gates of perception involving all the senses. A stunning mosaic composed of extraordinary flavours, elevating the pleasure of the moment, transforming it into a conscious experience. Simply seductive. This is Eden's Park, the new mindful restaurant of Villa Eden, also open to outside guests, where you can enjoy the exquisite dishes of our outstanding chef, Philipp Hillebrand.

  • Barbra Streisand
    Guest at Villa Eden
  • Luciano Pavarotti
    Guest at Villa Eden
  • Carla Fendi
    Guest at Villa Eden
  • Diego Armando Maradona
    Guest at Villa Eden
  • Ornella Muti
    Guest at Villa Eden
  • Lucio Dalla
    Guest at Villa Eden
  • James Brolin
    Guest at Villa Eden
  • Peter Launsky-Tiefenthal
    Guest at Villa Eden
  • Paulo Portas
    Guest at Villa Eden
  • Ana Patricia Morenés-Botín
    Guest at Villa Eden
  • Lucrezia Lante della Rovere
    Guest at Villa Eden
  • Uto Ughi
    Guest at Villa Eden
  • Roberto Donadoni
    Guest at Villa Eden
  • Mike Bongiorno
    Guest at Villa Eden
  • Eros Ramazzotti
    Guest at Villa Eden
  • Barbieri Gian Paolo
    Guest at Villa Eden
  • Gualtiero Marchesi
    Guest at Villa Eden
  • Heinz Winkler
    Guest at Villa Eden
  • Oldenburg Bettina Helene
    Guest at Villa Eden
  • Ana Gimeno Brugada
    Guest at Villa Eden
  • Palatella Saverio
    Guest at Villa Eden
  • Debenedetti Alessandro
    Guest at Villa Eden
  • Anastasia Krivosheeva
    Guest at Villa Eden
  • DJ Smash (Andrey Shirman)
    Guest at Villa Eden
  • world-luxury-spa-award-neg_02.png
    World Luxury Spa Awards
    Villa Eden and Angelika Schmid have been awarded "Best Luxury Medical Spa" and "Best Spa Manager”.
  • primo-lefonti-neg_02.png
    The Fonti Awards® - Best Medical Spa
    Recognition of global relevance as the best company in the field of Medical Spa.
  • johansens-white_02.png
    Condé Nast Johansens Award Finalist
    Awarded as "Most excellent European Luxury Spa Hotel".
  • award-7_01.jpg
    Star Diamond Award
    A guarantee of the highest quality and exclusivity, both in service and in gastronomy, in interiors, in the spa and in all other areas.
  • Chance Travel Awards Kiev “Best Hotel – Medical Center”
    An award for hotels, spas and luxury restaurants that guarantee the highest quality of services.
  • logo-global-health_02.png
    Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Award Winner 2020
    Recognition from Global Health & Pharma as Best European Health Retreat.
  • small-luxury-hotels-neg_02.png
    Small Luxury Hotels of The World | Villa Eden
    Entry into the prestigious "Small Luxury Hotels of the World" hotel association.


To feel well, to love yourself more

Whether you choose the short or week-long personalized programmes created by the Villa Eden team, specialized in preventive medicine and longevity, your path will be a personal journey towards regeneration and an authentic beauty, which is a true reflection of the inner self. Whatever the problem to be faced, we will put all our skills at your disposal to guarantee you obtain excellent results.


Designed for your health

To spend an unforgettable stay dedicated to wellness, relaxation and relaxation in the beautiful landscape of Merano, take advantage of the exclusive signature offers from Villa Eden. Your holiday will be a symphony in crescendo combining elegance, luxury and exceptional services with organized activities both inside and outside the retreat.

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