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The VE-concept

Together, towards new horizons or wellness and beauty

The journey to a higher quality of life passes through a fabulous stay at Villa Eden. Our mission is to guarantee excellence from every point of view: it is clearly evident in the efficacy of the paths of health and beauty treatments, in the exceptional services offered and in the warm welcome in luxurious and charming surroundings.
In fact, our retreat perfectly combines the desire to spend the holiday of desires with the need to establish a virtuous balance between body and mind.

Check up and medical visit upon arrival
Spa treatments
Detox & Mindful Cuisine
Mental Balance
Villa Eden Academy
Our extensive treatment programme, beginning with a precise diagnosis, includes outstanding therapies aimed at achieving an ideal of healthy longevity. We apply the principles of natural and energetic medicine, as well as chronomedicine, using the body’s natural circadian rhythms, and placing prevention in a leading role.
Excellent quality products, non-invasive aesthetic medical procedures and therapies that will lead you towards your ideal of beauty. In addition, you can discover our exquisite cosmetic line, developed with the positive synergy between our beauty experts and in-depth laboratory researchers to obtain excellent results.
We base our nutritional programmes on healthy detox cuisine to support weight loss and ensure a better quality of life. To complete our extraordinary gastronomic offer are the excellent flavours and holistic concept of the Mindful Cuisine of Eden's Park, a restaurant where every dish is an experience for the senses.
"Awaken" the body and find your perfect silhouette are the goals of the physical activities organized in our retreat, between group sessions and the advice of an experienced personal trainer who will help you recover strength and shape up. Depending on your objectives, we can create a specific personalized exercise programme just for you.
We offer you a stay where you can rediscover harmony and physical and mental balance through extraordinary sessions of yoga and meditation. Hosting you in environments where privacy and peace are essential elements of your holiday, Villa Eden is an experiential place where you can enjoy a welcome interlude of silence and serenity.
The results you can obtain with our medical courses are the result of advanced studies and experience garnered in over 35 years of daily practice; results that continually lead us to higher levels of quality. Our competent medical team applies the most progressive scientific discoveries in the field.
Suggestions for maintenance at home
Stay healthy at home

Health programmes

To feel well, to love yourself more

Whether you choose the short or week-long personalized programmes created by the Villa Eden team, specialized in preventive medicine and longevity, your path will be a personal journey towards regeneration and an authentic beauty, which is a true reflection of the inner self. Whatever the problem to be faced, we will put all our skills at your disposal to guarantee you obtain excellent results.

Living: rooms & suites

Luxury comfort and elegance for your holidays

Our exclusive Leading Hotel of the World, with only 29 rooms and suites, combines elegance, comfort and excellent services, for a functional luxury that is never an end in itself. Furniture, design elements and amenities combine to make the environment that hosts you a fascinating oasis of welcome intimacy and relaxation because, on holiday, a quality rest is essential for the health of the body and the spirit.

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