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Aesthetic medicine and surgery

Targeted and effective operations

During your life, it may happen that you notice small or large physical imperfections in yourself, which can have a significant impact on both mood and health. For this reason, we also offer the possibility of rediscovering happiness and self-confidence through targeted medical procedures.


Aesthetic medicine is another of the excellent services of VILLA EDEN. The corrective microsurgery procedures are carried out directly in the structure while, for more important ones, we rely on the experience and expertise of private clinics in the area, which guarantee optimal results without disturbing the characteristics and the natural appearance of the person.

Furthermore, our special post-operative programs enhance the result and reduce recovery time in half. Therefore, you can quickly return to everyday life, perfectly restored and satisfied with your improvements.

“Beauty is not flawless; it shines even through your flaws.”

Minor procedures, major results
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