Villa Eden   -  Our Story & Philosophy

History & philosophy

An exclusive "island" of peace and absolute relaxation

The history of Villa Eden began in 1982, when Angelika's father, Karl Schmid, had the vision of transforming an elegant private villa in the wonderful setting of Merano into the first Italian "Beauty Farm". The subsequent participation of Henri Chenot in the project confirmed the success of the innovative concept.


Since 1993, Angelika has been carrying out the development of Villa Eden, transforming it into one of the most exclusive Retreat Hotels in the world. Presenting Villa Eden: with the extraordinary charm of a Leading Hotels of the World, the privacy of just 29 suites, innovative culinary artistry, excellent wellness & beauty treatments as well as a medical team always available.


Who has never wanted to cast off everyday life and take some time just for themselves? The cornerstone of our philosophy is this: to help you rediscover harmony, energy and well-being.

"There is no happiness without the health of the body, there is no health of the body without harmony of the soul ..."

... and we work hard to ensure that, during your stay, we initiate a virtuous process that leads your body to become the perfect "temple" of the spirit, through the attainment of a balance that involves both the psyche and the body. Since its origins, Villa Eden has placed the guest and their needs at the centre of its philosophy, offering state-of-the-art services and the latest treatments. Today as then, this desire to improve, to want to offer more, is at the core of our mission. Through scientific research we to look to the future with renewed optimism, towards a success that, in the end, will belong more to you than to us.
Finally, Angelika Schmid, the owner, will personally assure you that you will have an unforgettable stay, full of personal attention and quality: her smile, like that of every team member, is the perfect “business card”, underlining our vocation to 'hospitality.

Our method

The secret to longevity

Embrace a better lifestyle in just a few days ... a dream that can come true at Villa Eden. Thanks to the method developed by our team of experts, based on a combination of specific medical treatments, balanced nutrition, exercise and practical advice to keep fit at home, we will help you acquire healthy habits and achieve a new physical and mental balance.


For a radiant future of health and vitality

Our idea of longevity is founded on a basic premise. Simply living longer is just not a satisfactory goal. The quality of life is a fundamental aspect. The paths prepared by the Villa Eden health experts are created to lead you to a future based on serenity and a vibrant sense of well-being. Every day spent with us will be another exceptional piece of an extraordinary experiential mosaic.

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