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A balance of sublime flavours

Health through eating

Villa Eden is devoted to the highest quality and personal well-being, also in the gastronomic field. This is why we prefer We prefer to offer sustainable cuisine with healthy ingredients of local origin, using products from our garden and organic whenever possible. The environment amplifies the experience: three elegant internal rooms create a frame of intimate tranquillity while, during the summer, you can dine on the marvellous terrace overlooking the centuries-old park, one of the most evocative in South Tyrol.

"Food may be essential as fuel for the body, but good food is fuel for the soul."
Malcom Forbes

There are two formulas dedicated to our guests.

Pleasure Cuisine Retreat Dining: for those who want to experience refined culinary pleasures based on selected and nutritious ingredients - in line with the philosophy of Villa Eden - but with that epicurean touch. Refinement, attention to detail and fullness of flavours distinguish each dish, whether inspired by Italian cuisine to regional cuisine, from vegetarian to vegan options.

Detox Cuisine: dishes specially prepared to support the effects of the personalized wellness programme, for example by renouncing salt or other specific ingredients. Your experience at the table, however, will be far from limited: you will be pleasantly surprised by the taste of health!

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