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Body. Mind. Harmony.

In the Longevity Medical Centre, we pursue the achievement of an ideal balance between the body, the mind and the spirit, respecting nature around us in order to restore a symbiotic relationship because authentic harmony also passes through the close connection with the environment in which we live.

“The quality of life is more important than life itself…”
Alexis Carrel

All this is combined through treatments and health paths of extraordinary effectiveness, prepared by our professional medical team in collaboration with wellness and retreat fitness experts. We are always at your disposal for advice and practical tips on how to initiate a path of rebirth that will give you joy, vitality and new vigour to face daily life. For us, true longevity cannot ignore any of these aspects.

Medical Check-up and diagnosis

Epigenetic Test and analytical evaluation of the quantitative and qualitative body composition
Euro 500

Scanning analysis of metabolic stress, distribution of fluids and inflammation. 

Measurement and evaluation of body mass index - BMI
Euro 140

Assessment of body composition (fat tissue, lean body mass and muscle and percentage of water). 

Oxidative stress and antioxidant potential test
Euro 160

This test detects oxidative stress and its antioxidant potential. You define treatments and strategies together with the doctor to reduce the production of free radicals and increase the body‘s antioxidant (power. 

ANS ANALYSIS - heart rate variability and study of the autonomic nervous system
Euro 200

ANS analysis allows you to objectively evaluate your body's ability to adapt to endogenous and exogenous stress and to regenerate itself.

Cardiovagal biofeedback
Euro 150

Following the ANS assessment, it is possible to provide 2-3 cardiovascular biofeedback sessions with guided breathing to evaluate the regulatory and recovery capacity of parasympathetic activity.

Skin check-up
Euro 130

Non-invasive method for the measurement of some parameters of the skin on the face (sebometry, corneometry, elastrometria and amount of melanin), that allow a diagnosis of biotype and skin phototype. 

Nutrigenetics test – GENO DIET TEST
Euro 800

A genetic test that suggests the most appropriate diet and lifestyle for your body through DNA analysis. 

Healthy gut
Euro 500

The DNA flora test is an innovative quantitative analysis of the most important intestinal microbial populations and highlights any pathological imbalances in the subject’s microbiota. 

Blood analysis
from Euro 300

€ 300


Natural ageing processes, stress, lack of exercise or sleep problems are just some of the negative factors that can lead to a lack of energy in the cells, reduced performance, chronic degenerative diseases, lowered immune defences and allergies.
All cells in the body can be trained and thus allow for greater performance. Cellgym® offers the benefits of staying at high altitude in a simple and relaxing way without the side effects. Hypoxic training trains our bodies to withstand low oxygen conditions, activating a series of biological reactions that are very beneficial to our bodies.


Cellgym® is synonymous with hypoxia-hyperoxia interval training (IHHT).

It is a scientifically validated method which, through the skilful and expert alternation of breathing oxygen-depleted and oxygen-enriched air, produces considerable benefits for the body, ranging from mitochondrial renewal to improving the efficiency of the immune system and much more.
 It is set up individually for each person, respecting their physiology and characteristics to achieve the best results with maximum safety.
The hypoxic training takes place in a relaxed state throughout the session.
The following benefits are obtained through this training
- Increased mitochondrial regeneration
- Improved fat burning
- Improved sleep
- Increased ability to reduce stress and increased resistance to stress
- Reduction in inflammation
- Increased physical and mental performance
- Strengthening of the immune system

Ideal for everyone, 2-3 sessions of 40 min. per week are recommended.

Villa Eden IV Therapy

This intravenous injection therapy consisting of a personalized multivitamin complex strengthens the immune system and helps the body fight bacteria and viruses.

Villa Eden IV Therapy
Euro 350

The main reasons for intravenous infusions of vitamins are to relieve stress, improve cognitive functions, free the body of toxins, stimulate the metabolism and assist the immune system. They are also used for the treatment of certain diseases such as chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. They also have an effective impact in anti-aging since they moisturize the skin giving it a more youthful appearance. The whole body benefits from it with a pleasant sensation of overall well-being.

Most of the fluids, vitamins and antioxidants taken orally are absorbed by the body only to a small extent and are unable to reach the bloodstream, where they could be biologically effective.
By means of the new intravenous injection therapy, on the other hand, an immediate and 100% absorption of vitamins, antioxidants and all the other active components injected is obtained, also registering greater intracellular hydration.

The IV Energy Therapy is recognized as the most advanced and effective technique to combat dehydration, the aging process and to prevent a series of ailments caused by oxidative stress. The result is a strengthened immune system and an enhanced regenerative effect.

At Villa Eden, the following types of IV are proposed:

  • Energy - for those looking for a recharge of energy and vitality after periods of high stress
  • Detox - perfect for reducing oxidative stress from excess free radicals, giving a positive boost to the immune system and antioxidant system while promoting cellular detoxification
  • Metabolic - ideal for assisting slow metabolism and reaching an ideal weight if combined with a personalized food plan and the right amount of exercise

Price: € 350 per session
Recommended: 3-4 sessions
Effect: Immediate

Ozone oxygen therapy

Ozone oxygen therapy is used to strengthen the immune system, improve metabolism and sleep, and eliminate physical and mental fatigue. It is used in various pathological situations ranging from bacterial and viral infections, including those difficult to resolve, as well as for problems relating to the circulatory system. 
In addition, oxygen-ozone therapy is an excellent treatment against unsightly cellulite and localized fat deposits. 

Specific medical treatments

Therapy mechanical lymphatic drainage
55 min. - Euro 130

Therapy for the reactivation of the neuro-immuno-endocrine defenses combined with a mechanical lymphatic drainage. 

Biothermic treatment for metabolic functions
55 min. - Euro 140

Innovative method to restore the proper functioning of organ metabolism. 

Therapy to purify from heavy metal accumulation
20 min. - Euro 95

A non-invasive therapy to purify from the toxins of heavy metals. The body detoxifies itself through the use of bioenergy stimulation that rebalances, improving your health. 

Phyto-algae therapy
55 min. - Euro 120

This therapy with a water pack aids the expulsion of toxins, improves vascular function and re-mineralizes the tissue. 

Pain therapy
55 min. - Euro 140

Very important endogenous thermotherapy for the treatment of various muscular, tendon, bone and articular disturbances. 

40 min. - Euro 110

Manual stimulation of all the reflex points located on the sole of the foot to improve the functionality of the organs and viscera of the body combined with chromotherapy. 

Stimulation of the Chakra points
55 min. - Euro 140

Biostimulation and energy balancing of the most important energy vortexes (chakras) of the body to treat stress and mental fatigue. 

Touch for health
55 min. - Euro 145

A holistic method of applied kinesiology, born from of the perfect synergy be-tween Asian and western medicine. Ideal to loosen muscle tension and recover psycho/physical harmony.

Energy realignment
55 min. - Euro 180

Pjotr Elkunoviz's realignment method channels energy impulses by unblocking the mind and emotions. Any asymmetry of the pelvis and the difference in the length of your legs are aligned, offering a noticeable physical improvement.

Hot, humid inhalation
20 min. - Euro 25

Practical and safe method for the prevention of diseases of the airways and for treatment of existing pathologies: colds, irritations, inflammation and alterations also due to smoke and pollution. 
20 min. - € 25
NASAL IRRIGATION 20 min. - € 25

Longevity Spa

A natural beauty, a caress to the soul

Our Longevity Spa, where you can breathe an atmosphere of sweet relaxation, is a "sanctuary" of beauty care. The best treatments for face and body, massages and the attention of our highly qualified staff will make every moment spent with us truly special. Thanks to an excellent bouquet of wellness proposals, aided by the extraordinary natural cosmetics of Villa Eden, positive results are guaranteed.

Vital Balance

More fit, more beautiful, happier

For a healthy and effective remise en forme, Villa Eden organizes many activities that will help you obtain an enviable physical condition. We are sure of one thing: the well-being of the body is invariably reflected on the mind as well.
Aquagym courses in the pool, fitness and yoga classes, excursions amid the wonderful nature of Merano, bike tours, walking, hiking but also tennis or a round of golf ...

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