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Snapshot of a philosophy...


A flourishing city of health and culture

Nestled in a basin at the foot of the Tessa Group, Merano is a popular destination throughout the year thanks to events such as the Christmas markets, the horse race, the Meran WineFestival and attractions such as the ski slopes of the nearby Merano 2000, the stunning gardens of Castel Trauttmansdorf and the Tappeiner promenades on the hill that goes up towards Castel Tirolo; an area rich in vineyards.

La Villa

Chic atmosphere and attention to detail

The eye wants its part ...

For this reason, we welcome our guests to a charming and congenial atmosphere. From the beautiful panoramic terrace to the Cheminée Lounge Bar, an elegant and vibrant meeting place, from the wellness centre to the reception area, to the dining room. Last but not least, is the park that surrounds the retreat in a sweet embrace, making it an island of privacy and tranquillity.

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