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Our "Retreat Half Board Plus" formula

Flavours, sensations, and light… from morning to night

At Villa Eden, the wellness experience continues even at the table. Mealtime is a pleasant moment to take care of yourself. Every dish, from breakfast to dinner, is a balanced mix of flavours and nutrients giving you a burst of vitality and delighting the palate. The authentic taste comes from selected, healthy and high quality ingredients - a homage to health while maintaining the pleasure of eating well.

Waking up with gusto
We want your day to start in the best possible way: for breakfast, we serve delicious specialities that will satisfy every palate.

Afternoon snack
For a rejuvenating afternoon break, take advantage of culinary surprises creatively prepared by our chefs.

Dinner: pure gastronomic art
In a stunning welcoming and stylish environment, exquisite creations await you: fine cuisine, light dishes as well as vegetarian or vegan proposals.
In summer at dusk, when the sky blazes into the brilliant tones of sunset, the terrace overlooking the centuries-old park and the Adige Valley makes the flavours of good food even more delectable.

Tasting Room at Villa Eden

Pure gastronomic art.

Tasting Room at Villa Eden restaurant serves dishes inspired by tradition and creatively reinterpreted by our starred chef Marcello Corrado, who promises to offer you a complete sensory experience.

To discover new culinary variations, try Eden's Park for an unprecedented experience of conscious pleasure.

Savouring our exquisite dishes, prepared with refinement, flair and culinary sensitivity, is a sublime journey for all the senses.

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