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To succeed, to be beautiful, active and vital – these are the requirements of today‘s society. The constant pressure at work, in private life and leisure time often lead to chronic stress which in turn leads to fatigue and mental and physical exhaustion.
OBJECTIVE: You will create a customized treatment program together with your treating physician that will allow you to restore your capacity for regeneration and healing: the results are good health and a full dose of energy.

This program is designed for a minimum stay of 7 days and can be extended for more nights. It includes the following services:


  • Initial medical examination
  • Epigenetic test and analytical evaluation of the quantitative and qualitative body composition
  • Measurement and evaluation of the Body Mass Index (BMI - body composition: fat tissue, lean body mass and muscle and percentage of water)
  • Nutritional advice
  • Final medical examination to discuss goals, progress and results


  • 24 hours* of individual treatments of your choice and medical advice
  • 1 sports check-up with lactate measurement with Personal Trainer (60 min.)
  • 1 lesson of physical activity with the Personal Trainer and creation of a personalized program (60 min.)
  • 2 specific detox and antioxidant food supplements of your choice on medical advice


  • Free transfer from and to Bolzano for those traveling by train or plane 


  • Diagnostic results
  • Summary of treatments and therapies performed
  • Prescription of maintenance therapy and dietary advice
  • Personal trainer’s individualized schedule for physical follow-up at home 

€ 3.580 PER PERSON

*1 hour = 1 session = 50/55 minutes.

NOTE: The above-mentioned program does not include accommodations.

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