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10.03. - 15.03.2024 

Programm: EnergizeYourLife – Power, Balance & Health

Bestselling author and TV star
Prof. Froböse with his team at Villa Eden

Energize Your Life – Power, Balance & Health
Master the challenges of life, gain vitality and quality of life!

March 10-15, 2024

Would you like to improve your health in the long term and feel the full zest for life? Then the EnergizeYourLife week is perfect for you! Immerse yourself in an exclusive and intense experience that will increase your long-term quality of life. Here everything revolves around your well-being, your vitality and a fulfilling, long life.

Treat yourself to a well-deserved break and recharge. Feel the energy that flows through you when you cleanse and revitalize your body cells. Limit the aging processes and strengthen body and mind. Together with Professor Froböse and his team, you will experience an exciting and varied week that will change your life forever.

Program content:

  • Introductory and final talks with Prof. Froböse’s experts
  • Laboratory tests
  • Efficiency tests (resting and stress ECG, breath test, hand strength measurement, movement analysis, BIA, HRV)
  • Spiroergometry
  • Continuous blood glucose monitoring
  • Analysis of nutritional behaviour including advice
  • Yoga, PMR, mindfulness training
  • Individually tailored meals
  • Various specialist lectures on the subject of nutrition, exercise, regeneration and recovery
  • Individually tailored training plan to continue at home
  • Final reports from the medical team


Program price:
€ 2450 per person
Limited number of participants
The above program does not include a stay, which can be selected individually.



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