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Luxury, comfort and elegance for the holidays

Our exclusive Leading Hotels of the World, with only 25 suites, combining elegance, absolute comfort and excellent services, for luxury that is truly functional.
Furniture, flourishes, and amenities unite to make your atmosphere a fascinating oasis of lovely intimacy and relaxation because, on holiday a good quality of rest is essential for the health of the body and the spirit.


70 sqm

Signature Park Suite

This is an outstanding suite that embodies the essence of a tangible yet gentle, delicately ethereal luxury. The colours, the curated accents and the sunny spaces are enhanced by materials of the highest quality.

70 sqm

Fendi Suite

This suite is dedicated to a great celebrity that we loved deeply. Carla Fendi loved lingering on the magnificent circular balcony of this sophisticated suite, where time stands still in the moment of pleasure. Discover the sensations of sweet and richly deserved harmony...

70 sqm

Cocoon Garden Suite

Golden hues, chocolate browns, sophisticated greys. An abundance of natural light drenches the room in sunshine. This natural light enhances the details, the design, and the sinuous curves of the seating. Here, the soul finds itself in silent harmony...

60 sqm

Serenity Junior Suite

Your stay is pure poetry with subdued colours, soft textures and fine furnishings. Large, bright spaces find the ideal counterpoint on the magnificent terrace. Serenity: where every moment is a part of the splendid mosaic of an unforgettable holiday.

70 sqm

Glamour Suite

An absolutely charming suite, as the name implies: as you cross the threshold a wave of velvety relaxation will enter your soul. Here, nothing is left to chance: from the choice of elegant furnishings to the finishes and surprising combination of shades. Each element is a sweet note composed to create a symphony of comfort. Excellent amenities and an idyllic view of the centuries-old park complete the picture.

60 sqm

Pavarotti Junior Suite

The prized "refuge" of the unforgettable maestro of opera, who loved to spend time and rest surrounded by dark-coloured cushions in this magnificent junior suite. The luckiest guests could also hear him singing on our splendid terrace...

45-50 sqm

Prestige Junior Suite

Design, spaciousness, colours. There are so many interpretations of comfort at your disposal because we are convinced that a quality rest is essential for moments of authentic physical and mental regeneration. The Prestige Junior Suite offers you the perfect synthesis of all this.

35 - 38 mq

Prestige Petite

45 sqm

Black&White Living

A wonderful contrast between the two most elegant shades, opposite but at the same time complementary. Luxurious design furnishings infuse large spaces with a refined style and the mix of details channel the enveloping feeling of harmony. A suite in line with the philosophy of Villa Eden, guaranteeing a truly quality rest, essential for a healthy lifestyle.

100 sqm

Grand Suite

A princely suite with two separate living rooms each adjoining a bedroom for a luxurious holiday with plenty of space and all the necessary amenities to ensure the sense of style you have always dreamed of...

Healthy Gourmet Cuisine

For flavour, experience and lightness

Healthy eating is the basis of feeling well. Well ahead of their time, Villa Eden has promoted Healthy Gourmet Cuisine for years, using fresh and top quality products, prepared in a healthy and light way, in order to guarantee all the fundamental nutrients and an excellent digestibility. Our restaurant serves dishes inspired by tradition and creatively re-interpreted by our chef ...


A flourishing city of health and culture

Nestled in a basin at the foot of the Tessa Group, Merano is a popular destination throughout the year thanks to events such as the Christmas markets, the horse race, the Meran WineFestival and attractions such as the ski slopes of the nearby Merano 2000, the stunning gardens of Castel Trauttmansdorf and the Tappeiner promenades on the hill that goes up towards Castel Tirolo; an area rich in vineyards.

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