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Immune boost

Based on our philosophy focused on the motto "We take care of you", we have developed an extremely effective program to strengthen the immune system, an essential step especially in these difficult times. To further enhance your stay at Villa Eden, add this program to immediately obtain exceptional health protection and tangible benefits that have been confirmed by recent clinical studies.

The IMMUNOPLUS programme not only strengthens the immune system, but is also ideal for those who need to regain their ideal shape after Covid. This program is designed for a minimum stay of 7 days and can be extended for 10 or 14 nights. 

The COVID IMMUNOPLUS program provides a thorough initial medical examination with diagnostics and the following therapies:


  • Initial medical examination
  • Epigenetic test and analytical quantitative and qualitative evaluation of body composition
  • Measurement and evaluation of the Body Mass Index (BMI-body composition: fat tissue, lean and muscular mass and percentage of water)
  • Nutritional advice
  • Final medical examination to discuss goals, progress and results



  • 2 Intestine detox therapies with ozone
  • 2 Systemic oxygen ozone therapy including vitamin C drip to rebalance the immune system
  • 2 IV Energy therapies for a recharge of energy and vitality
  • ANS Analysis for the measurement of cardiac variability
  • 2 Cardiovagal biofeedback sessions
  • 4 total body draining massages
  • 3 Cellgym sessions (40 min.): Intervall Hypoxie-Hyperoxie-Training (IHHT) with 3 mechanical lymphatic drainages
  • 1 metabolic training lesson
  • 1 hypertrophic training lesson
  • 3 therapies to cleanse the body of heavy metals


  • Diagnostic results
  • Summary of treatments and therapies performed
  • Prescription of maintenance therapy and dietary advice 


Package price: 3.950


For further information and assistance, the Villa Eden team is at your complete disposal.